4 Common Problems With Scented Candle And How To Fix Them?

Why can't my scented candles burn out a smooth and beautiful wax pool? Why does the expensive candle I bought burn with smoke and blacken the wall of the container? Why is the candle easy to extinguish...

Don't worry. Here are the answers of the most-asked questions:

1. Candle tunneling


1. The candle wick may be too long. When you light a candle, it melts through the center without melting all the surrounding wax.

2. Insufficient burning for the first burn. The first layer of wax wasn’t completely melted. The next time you light the candle, it will melt the wax in the tunnel first, making it deeper.


1. Before lighting the candle, please trim the wick to about 5-7mm to promote full burning, which helps avoid blackening the inner wall of the jar.

2. The first burn should last for 2-3 hours. This is very important! Let the surface of the candle be fully burned and melted into a pool of liquid wax. If the time of the first burn is insufficient, the next time you light the candle, the traces of your first burning will be “remembered”, and the tunnel will become deeper.

3. For scented candles that have already had a tunnel, you can wrap the jar with tin foil and leave a gap above the wick. Keep the temperature to accumulate heat and burn for about 1 hour. After the surface is fully burned and then hardens, it will be leveled up again.

4. In addition, you can also choose to use a hair dryer. If you have a budget, buy a smart cover or a candle warmer lamp. They can also tackle the tunneling issue.

2. Black smoke


1. Wax quality: Bad wax causes black smoke. For example, paraffin wax is more likely to produce black smoke than soy wax. Natural soy wax has better fragrance and burning effect. Xxx brand scented candles use 100% soy wax.

2. Candle wicks: There are roughly two types of candle wicks on the market, wood wicks and cotton wicks. The cotton wick is less likely to produce black smoke, while the wood wick is probable to cause spark during burning.


1. When extinguishing the candle, be careful not to blow it out directly with your mouth. Use candle snuffer or wick trimmer. If you don’t have one, you can also use an insulated lid instead.

2. Avoid lighting a candle at the air outlet. When the candlelight is swaying in the wind, the candle cannot be fully burned, resulting in black smoke.

3. Easy to extinguish


1. The wick is too short to react with oxygen.

2. The candle wick is too long, and it will naturally bend and submerge in the wax pool during burning, which will cause it to extinguish.


1. Once again, trim the wick to about 5-7mm.

2. In order to avoid the influence of external factors, do not use it in the air outlet.

3. If you accidentally cut too much candle wick, you can use the smart cover to block the wind, and it can still be ignited and used.

4. Clean the used jar

Most scented candle jars look good. You may want to clean the jar and save it for other purposes. How to clean the used candle jar?


1. Use hot water and detergent to emulsify the remaining wax, rinse it off with hot water, and wipe it off with a paper towel.

2. You can also directly pour hot water into the jar, the wax will slowly melt and you can take out the floating wax block when it is cooled.

Written by Stella Bentham
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