Are You a Super Smeller?

There are a group of super smellers who present a dog’s olfactory acuity in real life and even around us. They can easily smell the difference between peanut oil and canola oil; they may not be able to name a person by his face, but they can remember the perfume scent on him or her, and they can still recognize this person when smelling the scent years later; they can even detect the weather changes with their sense of smell…

Upon our investigation, super smellers are likely to behave as follows:

  • Preferring to purchase unscented tissues;
  • Sniffing out the dishes after washing them clean;
  • Trotting to pass a smoker;
  • Preferring to wait for the next elevator ifsomeone is eating there;
  • Asking a shop assistant what fragrance is used in their store;
  • Hating the cooking smell and thus preferring only to poach.


In a word, people with a heightened sense of smell will have more or less some symptoms of “olfactory mysophobia”. Compared with the visually dirty environment, smelling unpleasant is more likely to let them feel uncomfortable. They cannot stand any unpleasant smell on themselves or within meters around them.
How do the super smellers develop relationships?

Super smellers not only recognize people by scents; the scents of people influence how much they like them.
Their preference to scent limits the closeness between them and others. For example, people who are durian lovers and haters should make a deal on when and where to eat. People who like to fry with canola oil and peanut oil may not get along well with those cook with corn oil.
Super smellers tend to like someone who shares the taste in fragrance with them. They may inexplicably get a bad impression on a person simply because he or she gets a bad laundry detergent smell on the shirt.

What the super smellers may concern?

If the clothes washed out with laundry detergent smell bad, they will change the detergent and wash them again. Super smellers are exceedingly particular with shampoo, shower gel, soap, washing powder, and toothpaste. They will smell those products one by one before buying them. What’s more, they prefer to have their things only have their scent, and feel uncomfortable if others use them. Besides, on rainy days, they will smell their clothes carefully to make sure that every piece does have strange odor, and wash it again if it does.  
Scent management presents not only the self-discipline of the super smellers, but great attention they pay to the impact of their scent on others. Before smoking in front of others, they will ask for their allowance. When eating food with strong smell, they will go to an empty room.

Written by Stella Bentham

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